Antoine Blanchard

After an internship at the Observatory of Bibliometrics of Science and Technology and completing a degree in agronomy, Antoine took ​​a Master of Science in Sociology, at the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, to understand and analyze the issues of contemporary research and “science in the making”.

His professional career was centered on field of agrochemicals, where he was involved in scientific and technical information (including patents) and technology forecasting before reorienting himself towards opinion watch and sensitive communication.

Antoine has published several articles on these topics.

Outside his work for Deuxième Labo, he has participated in the Traces focus group of ENS Ulm. He has also been active on the Internet for more than 10 years under his pseudonym Enro, and started a blog for the science community and founded an association to continue the exploration of the role of science in society.

Identifying features:

  • as comfortable with agronomists and biologists as with the sociologists and philosophers and even librarians
  • a diehard latourian
  • a longtime believer in the age of Web 2.0
  • he always follows through with his ideas.

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