Elifsu Sabuncu

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Elifsu was invited to study in Paris by the French government and began her university career in biology, which she continued up to a doctoral thesis on prion diseases. However, feeling confined by biology, she also followed many courses on philosophy and the history of science and was therefore able to meet many inter-disciplinary scientists. She then shifted to researching public health and epidemiology, in other words scientific matters that are just as much a part of the social and political fields.

Elifsu has published several articles on these topics.

It is possible to find her at Sciences Po Paris alongside Jean-Yves le Déaut and Bruno Latour, and at the ENS Ulm to bring students from the Île de France into contact with research (Science Academy), as well as in Île de Berder  where she organizes an interdisciplinary school for physicists and biologists.

Identifying features:

  • driven by curiosity and the desire to understand how the world works (no big feat)
  • she is fascinated by all forms of transmission (of knowledge, personal experience etc.)

Send her a message: elifsu@deuxieme-labo.fr

Follow her on Twitter: @squintar